Uncharted film

Uncharted Is „Close To The Starting Line!”

MOVIE NEWS – The Uncharted film, which…

The Conjuring’s spin-off just got a poster and a story synopsis

MOVIE NEWS – We’ve learned some news…
The producer is the same person who directed the first Deadpool film (Tim Miller), which is why we aren't that surprised to hear that the cinematic adaptation of this blue, shoe-wearing hedgehog will go grim here and there.

Jim Carrey will be an Eggman of flesh and blood in the Sonic movie

MOVIE NEWS – The character of Sega,…

Henry Cavill would gladly play Geralt in The Witcher series

MOVIE NEWS – “Yeah, that would be…

Margot Robbie is playing Sharon Tate in Tarantino’s new movie, here’s the first picture

MOVIE NEWS – Quentin Tarantino is still…
The second movie starts with an outstanding credit sequence. - Guardians Of The Galaxy

James Gunn: Kurt Russell joins the actors who defend him after the controversy

MOVIE NEWS – The Guardian of the Galaxy actor joined…
The assistant director, Keith Heygate, points out that Van Damme "was an interesting man, but it was challenging to work with him, there are many stories that I can not share".

Van Damme Accused of Obstructing the Filming of Street Fighter

MOVIE NEWS – The director of the…

Warcraft’s Director Is Working On A Rogue Trooper Film!

MOVIE NEWS – Duncan Jones confirmed what…

Uncharted Receives Amazing Fan Film! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Although we’ve been waiting…
Despite the filming of this feature film, actor Jared Leto, who starred in the Suicide Squad Joker, will continue to give life to the villain in the DC universe, since, as claimed by the publisher, the Phillips movie is independent and has no relationship with the character that Leto plays.

Joaquin Phoenix Will Play the New Joker

MOVIE NEWS – The new movie will…

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