Deadpool is known to be one of the principal blockbusters this year, and the highest grossing R rated movie of all time with $782.6 million worldwide.

Fan(tastic) art of Cable & Domino in Deadpool 2!

MOVIE NEWS – Mackenzie Davis & Kyle…
He later performed at Star Wars fan conventions across the world. Baker's agent Johnny Mans said the actor had been ill for a couple of years. He told the press: "Kenny was truly a great friend, one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet, and a fabulous and talented performer."

Mark Hamill Remembers Fondly Kenny Baker, aka R2-D2 With A Famous Star Wars Quote

MOVIE NEWS – Mark Hamill remembers his…
Her evil twin has been cooped up way too long and wants out of her cage; she starts urging Helen to act out her psychotic plan, putting everyone in Helen’s midst in danger.

Chilling Horror Movie About Evil Vanishing Twin! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – After the recent Bed…
MOVIE NEWS - Last night, there was an event on Twitter with the hashtag #ReleaseTheAyerCut that sought to generate pressure for Warner Bros to give the green light to the true vision of director David Ayer; the Ayer cut."

Suicide Squad – “Suicide” indeed…

“Suicide” indeed…
The success of the show is so great that nearly hours after season 3 Netflix already ordered a fourth one. Let us hope that will not be the final one.

BoJack Horseman – Goodbye humans, welcome horses

Goodbye humans, welcome horses
We know this story will be set in high school, with Peter Parker juggling his crime-fighting activities with his school work.

New Powers in Spider-Man’s Suit Thanks to Tony Stark in Homecoming?

MOVIE NEWS – Director Jon Watts is…
MOVIE NEWS - Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness is shaping up to be the most important film in the history of the MCU

Test viewers Love Cumberbatch’s Acting from Doctor Strange According to Director [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – It’s the visuals and…
Be sure to check out the brand new trailer for Blair Witch for yourself below. Blair Witch is due out in theaters on September 16.

A Blair Witch Sequel Is in the Making! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – The Woods, new horror…

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