The Horizon is Gloomy: Kevin Costner’s Western Epic Sequel Got Bad News!

MOVIE NEWS – Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter Two has been cancelled by Warner Bros., allegedly to give audiences “a greater opportunity to discover” the first part of Kevin Costner’s film series…



After the disappointing opening weekend of Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter One, Warner Bros. has pulled the second chapter of the Kevin Costner film from its release schedule. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have pulled Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter Two from its August 16, 2024 release date. The hope is that this will give viewers “a greater opportunity to discover” the first film, which arrives on PVOD on July 16, 2024. Soon, at an as yet unspecified date, it will also be available for streaming on Max. New Line Cinema’s statement can be read below.

“Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema have decided not to release Horizon: Chapter 2 on August 16 in order to give audiences a greater opportunity to discover the first installment of Horizon over the coming weeks, including on PVOD and MAX. We thank our exhibition partners for their continued support as moviegoers across the US discover the film in its theatrical run.”

Theatres that have already started selling tickets for the second chapter of the Costner epic will now refund the price of tickets to customers who exchange tickets.

No new date has been set for the film, which is quite telling. New Line Pictures and Warner Bros. agreed to produce and distribute the first two films, with Costner paying for marketing the film. The original intention was to build momentum as the second chapter was set to hit theatres just one month after the first chapter. Although the third chapter is currently in production, Warner Bros. and New Line have not picked up the distribution rights for the third and fourth films, which Costner plans to make.


Kevin Costner’s Horizon received harsh reviews and audience reactions


Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter Two may have fallen victim to its own hype. Most expected an epic western from Kevin Costner, the star of the hit series Dances with Wolves and Yellowstone.

It was supposed to be a sprawling epic the likes of which we haven’t seen on the big screen in decades, described by lead actor Danny Huston as a “fat novel”.

Unfortunately, the film was perhaps too ambitious, which ultimately paid off at the box office. On Rotten Tomatoes, critics gave the film a 48% rating, although it fared significantly better with audiences. However, it still wasn’t great at 71%. At the moment, it seems to be a serious failure at the box office, so the future of the sequels is really quite gloomy.

Source: THR

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