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However, not only Microsoft is ahead of Sony with safety! Blizzard and Valve with their and Steam systems respectively also already have this safety feature.

Is Sony Planning PlayStation Network Integration With PC Ports?

Sony has created a new sub-page on…
The Frontier video game Planet Coaster has shown the first images of its arrival on new generation consoles.

Frontier: Elite Creator Steps Down As CEO After 28 Years!

The developers of Elite Dangerous and Planet…
Jordan Challenge, first introduced in NBA 2K11, returns with improvements that will excite all sports fans.

The Jordan Challenge Returns In NBA 2K23 – Here’s The Trailer! [VIDEO]

Jordan Challenge, first introduced in NBA 2K11,…
TECH NEWS - Meta 2022's financial report for the second quarter of 2022 shows that the company has suffered another massive loss of nearly $3 billion.

Meta Pixel: Here Is How Meta Tracks Us Even On Apple!

TECH NEWS – Although Apple’s App Tracking…
Why are more and more games using only capital letters in their names? Shinorubi is one of them, and we don't spell it that way just for the sake of it.

SHINORUBI Becomes A Multiplatform, Cross-Gen Game [VIDEO]

Why are more and more games using…
Microsoft has responded to Sony's comments about Activision's pending acquisition of Blizzard by saying, "relax, everything is just fine here, free competition!"

Microsoft Is Trying To Reassure Sony About The Activision Blizzard Acquisition…

Microsoft has responded to Sony’s comments about…
TECH NEWS - The company is launching a new subscription model that will give you access to games from past generations of PlayStation. PS Plus Extra

PS Plus Extra/Premium Games For August Have Been Announced, But We’ve Got Bad News!

As you’d expect, PlayStation has announced the…
Fans of Grand Theft Auto VI have found an online biography that may reveal the codename and a new character that fans can expect to meet in the franchise's next instalment.

8 Remasters, Remakes Or Ports By The Grand Theft Auto VI-Hyping Take-Two

While Grand Theft Auto VI will raise…

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