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MOVIE NEWS - The makers hope to land Blonde on Netflix later this year. Ana de Armas.

Ana De Armas Did Not Feel “Exploited” During The Making Of Blonde

MOVIE NEWS – Ana de Armas was…
Blizzard is detailing some ways it will crack down on "disruptive players" in Overwatch 2, including voice chat recording and phone number requirements.

Will Overwatch 2 Record Our Voice Chat?! You’ll Need A Phone To Play

Blizzard is detailing some ways it will…
The hacker allegedly responsible for the recent leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 pleads guilty to breaching bail conditions but not to computer misuse.

Grand Theft Auto 6-Leaker In Custody Has Pleaded Not Guilty!

The hacker allegedly responsible for the recent…
Far Cry Ubisoft published a detailed blog post, where they explained how their games will be better on the next-gen consoles.

A Slightly Unfortunate Word Choice From Ubisoft’s CEO!

It wasn’t on purpose from Yves Guillemot,…
TECH NEWS - The company is launching a new subscription model that will give you access to games from past generations of PlayStation. PS Plus Extra. PS Plus Premium.

PS Plus Premium: Some Classic PS2 Games Can Have Serious Problems?!

Some PS Plus Premium players report serious…
MOVIE NEWS - Hugh Jackman is set to make his Marvel Universe debut alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3, which hits cinemas on 6 September 2024.

Breaking: Hugh Jackman Is Back As Wolverine In This Upcoming MCU Movie!

MOVIE NEWS – Hugh Jackman is set…

Marvel Games Won’t Be Interconnected As The MCU Films Are

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will not…
So the basic concept is intriguing, but the developer/publisher pairing is also promising: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is being worked on by Team Ninja.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: An Intense Challenge For All

Team Ninja has confirmed that we will…
I.G.I. Origins, which was announced in March, finally got more details revealed by Toadman Interactive (the publisher), and Antimatter Games (the developer - they previously developed Rising Storm 2: Vietnam).

I.G.I. Origins: Now We Can See It In Action [VIDEO]

Antimatter Games and Toadman Interactive’s first-person shooter…
Steelrising, published by Nacon and developed by Spiders, promises to be an insanely spectacular steampunk adventure set in Paris in 1789...

Steelrising: New Game Plus Game Mode Available from September 29

Spiders and NACON have announced that the…

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