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Todd Howard, the Executive Producer at Bethesda Softworks, presented Starfield's conversation system, comparing the dialogue sequences to Fallout and Skyrim.

Starfield: Release Date May Be Pushed Back Again?!

According to the latest rumours, the release…
Konami has recently confirmed that, as things stand, there will be no new enemy types in the Silent Hill 2 remake at all.

Silent Hill 2 Remake: What New Enemy Types Can We Expect? [VIDEO]

Konami has recently confirmed that, as things…
PlayStation has revealed which PS4 and PS5 digital games topped the list of top downloads in December 2022. PlayStation Store

PlayStation Store: These Were The Best-Selling PS4 & PS5 Games In December!

PlayStation has revealed which PS4 and PS5…
MOVIE NEWS - Gabriel Luna plays Tommy, the brother of Pedro Pascal's Joel, in the HBO hit series The Last of Us.

The Last of Us: Gabriel Luna Was Surprised To Be Tommy; Is This Actress About…

MOVIE NEWS – Gabriel Luna plays Tommy,…
White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies is in development for PC (Steam). No other target platforms, nor the release window, is known.

White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies: The First Real Look [VIDEO]

The sequel to 2001’s White Day: A…
One of the most anticipated titles of 2022, The Callisto Protocol promises to be even more horroristic than any Dead Space that has been released so far. Game Informer sat down with Striking Distance Studios founder and CEO Glen Schofield to discuss their upcoming horror title.

Did The Callisto Protocol’s Sales Flop?

Glen Schofield (former director of Dead Space…

PlayStation Store Gets New Leader: Sony Hires From Apple

You can also create a unique PlayStation…
TECH NEWS - When a copy protection program, Denuvo, doesn't work properly on new hardware, it's not the new product that's to blame, it's the DRM…

Intel Core i9-13900T: Outperforming The Previous Gen With Lower TDP!?

TECH NEWS – Benchmark results show the…
TECH NEWS - AMD, led by Lisa Su, has previously predicted that the parts shortage would ease around this time.

AMD’s Year Off To A Bad start: Dozens Of Vulnerabilities In Its Processors!

TECH NEWS – It’s not enough that…
MOVIE NEWS - Almost ten years after its premiere, fans are still waiting for World War Z 2. But will the Brad Pitt blockbuster return any time soon?

World War Z 2: Could There Ever Be A Sequel To Brad Pitt’s Zombie Apocalypse?

MOVIE NEWS – Almost ten years after…

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