The New Techland IP Picks Up An Ex-CD Projekt RED Designer

Someone moved from CD Projekt RED to…
The fate of the Wayne family and of the city itself rests on your choices.

Batman Launch Trailer: Hype For The End Of The First Telltale Season [VIDEO]

The City of Light. Whose light is…

A Game That Outsold The Last Guardian!

In the United Kingdom, there are some……
The previous rumors about a free trial have been confirmed - we wonder when the PC will get a free weekend. (Probably later in September!)

A New FPS Provides A Free Weekend!

Shooter fanatics can take a look at…

Creating Hacks? To The Prison You Go!

True story: you can end up in…

The Walking Dead: The New Frontier: A Launch Trailer In Style [VIDEO]

Telltale brings The Walking Dead back into…

Darkel: The Crazy Bum That Was Deleted From Grand Theft Auto III [VIDEO]

We can learn everything about a deleted…

The „Minecraft” That Never Happened… On Nintendo 64!

Shigeru Miyamoto had plans for the (currently)…
Fumito Ueda - On the other hand, it has to be also added, that the long development phase is showing its age.

The Last Guardian’s Evolution: 9 Years In The Making [VIDEO]

Team ICO’s latest game got a great…
The joke is that Koei originally announced the game back in 2004!

Nioh: A Boss Fight On PlayStation 4 Pro [VIDEO]

We got another great look at how…

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