New sales figures do not yet include OLED data for Nintendo Switch. Switch Pro.

Switch Pro: When Is The Enhanced Handheld Console Coming Soonest?

TECH NEWS – A recent report on…
So the Switch is picking up strength: by the end of September, we might see a worldwide availability of the stronger battery-having Nintendo Switch, and the new Switch Lite, which we discussed before, will both launch at that time.

Nintendo Switch Sales Have Slowed, But Are Still Going Strong!

Despite a 22.9% drop in sales of…
Although D3 Publisher and Shade are skipping Microsoft's platforms, SAMURAI MAIDEN, which we won't write as such, looks promising.

Samurai Maiden: A Cross-Gen Historical Japanese Butchering [VIDEO]

Although D3 Publisher and Shade are skipping…
According to Bright Memory: Infinite's devs (FYQD-Studio) and publisher (Playism), the PC-exclusivity (Steam, GOG) will end shortly: aside from the already announced Xbox Series version, the game's also heading to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Bright Memory: Infinite – Not Infinitely Bright

Not Infinitely Bright
theGeek Assassin s Creed x PUBG Crossover

What???? Assassin’s Creed in PUBG????

A collaboration between Krafton and Ubisoft brings…
In recent days there has been a talk that the Hogwarts Legacy could go to 2023

Does The Art Book Tell Us When Hogwarts Legacy Will Be Released?

An art book is being produced to…
NieR: Automata - It is a fun hack n slash gameplay, but the ease of pulling off massive combos can feel annoying for some, especially when the game sticks a player in an attack animation.

There Are Still Secrets To Be Found In NieR: Automata After 5 Years! [VIDEO]

Why can’t other players achieve what we’ve…
Warner Bros. has not yet commented on the latest Hogwarts Legacy leak.

What Will Be In The Collector’s Edition Of Hogwarts Legacy Might Have Leaked?!

Warner Bros. has not yet commented on…
Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Gollum Sneaks A Bit Slowly: The New Lord Of The Rings Game Is Delayed

We’ve been waiting for The Lord of…
Ubisoft's free-to-play sports game Roller Champions could be the next in a series of cancellations as the studio looks to cut costs.

Is Ubisoft About To Cancel Roller Champions?! [VIDEO]

Ubisoft’s free-to-play sports game Roller Champions could…

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