After Fourteen Years, a Pirate Game in “Development Hell” is Showing Signs of Life! [VIDEO]

It’s amazing to even describe, but it’s true: the last time we heard about a game was in 2010, and hardly anyone would remember it today, but now suddenly, poof, it’s back in the public consciousness!


Captain Blood was the manliest pirate captain ever, according to the game’s press release, but we’d like to add that he’s a real historical figure. In 1922, Rafael Sabatini wrote a novel about him, and in 1935, an adventure movie starring Errol Flynn was made. So what we are talking about is not entirely fictional, although the game adaptation will of course not use it entirely in its source material.

Oh yes, the game adaptation… we last heard about it in 2010. Back then, the PlayStation 3 was starting to find its feet after a rough start, and Nintendo was enjoying excellent sales of the Wii/DS pair. Then came Captain Blood, which then metaphorically sank thanks to development hell. But now SNEG has picked up the project. This publisher specializes in abandoned, neglected, and outdated games.

The announcement trailer is very 2010. Hack’n’slash with exaggerated visual effects (the bloom was cranked to the max in almost every game back then…) and Captain Blood is like Kratos, but as a pretty boy. He picks up knives, flintlocks, and sometimes hatchets to spread pirate notoriety. Stylistically, he is also very exaggerated, and one of the swords of our captain’s master really reminds us of things of that time, as it has not one, not two, but six skulls on it…

The story goes that Captain Blood was hired to rescue “the beautiful, hot daughter of the local magistrate”. Well, if that doesn’t scream the style of a decade and a half ago, nothing does, but maybe SNEG didn’t want to take the concept too seriously back then. Furthermore, Captain Blood already has a release date. It’s supposed to be released in the fall for the usual target platforms (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).

Source: PCGamer

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