Motor: A Rage Spin-Off or a New Engine from id Software?

A new trademark registration has caught the attention of curious eyes, and there are certainly several possibilities behind it, and it was similar to their previous trademark, IDKFA.


In the case of IDKFA, there was at least a connection to what id Software was trademarking, as that five-letter string was a cheat code in the past, as was IDDQD. Now, however, there is no such connection: on June 18, Zenimax, Bethesda’s parent company, trademarked Motor, which is powered by ID Tech in some form. In this case, Motor could be the name of the game engine, but it could also be the title of a game.

If it is an engine, we don’t know if it is id Tech 8 or id Tech 9. DOOM Eternal, released in 2020, used id Tech 7, and to this day we still don’t understand why Microsoft didn’t start offering this technology to other teams, because even on Xbox we see very often that they choose Unreal Engine 5. Even CD Projekt RED left REDEngine behind to make the new trilogy of The Witcher or the sequel of Cyberpunk 2 on the engine of Epic Games instead of their own technology. DOOM: The Dark Ages, which the Redmond-based tech giant showed off during the Xbox Games Showcase, runs on id Tech 8, and the engine could be a spin-off.

If it is a game, Rage comes to mind, because in post-apocalyptic games you don’t ride horses, you get in a car or get on a motorcycle, so the name would fit with what ZeniMax has trademarked, and they would use their own technology. And they tried Rage 2 a couple of years ago, so it’s still a relevant IP.

Of course, Microsoft and Bethesda have not commented on the registration.

Source: WCCFTech, Justia

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