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The game - as we have gotten used to it by the devs - isn't easy (but someone already managed to defeat all the bosses without even getting hit!), but it's natural when it comes to FromSoftware.

How much Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will occupy on your hard drive? [VIDEO]

4K launch trailer of the video game…
Halo: The Master Chief Collection's PC -Nobody should surprise this news considering that other titles of the company, such as Gears of War 4 or Sea of Thieves, already discarded some time ago forced PC users to pay the subscription for Xbox Live Gold. What is necessary is the user account on Xbox Live.

Master Chief Aims At The PC – Halo: Master Chief Collection Is Coming To PC!…

The franchise, which is currently being developed…
The racing game that was based on the Star Wars film that came out two decades ago, looks promising in a modern coat of paint.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer’s Unreal Engine 4 Remake Is Glorious! [VIDEO]

The racing game that was based on…

Devil May Cry 5: Data Mining Was A Success!

There’s no escape from the data miners.…
Another dev team was able to see Hideo Kojima's next game.

Hideo Kojima’s Behind-Closed-Doors Death Stranding Presentations Continue!

Hideo Kojima’s Behind-Closed-Doors Death Stranding Presentations Continue!…

Apex Legends Dethrones Fortnite! [VIDEO]

Epic Games‘ battle royale game was overtaken…

The Fans Can Help With The Concept Of The Next Forza Motorsport!

Turn 10‘s next Forza Motorsport title will…

Steam, finally, rules out the publication of the controversial Rape Day

It is a video game that encouraged…
Epic Games Store - With Metro Exodus, the main issue is that three weeks before its launch day, Deep Silver decided to announce that „sorry guys, the game will be exclusive to Epic Games Store for a year!”

What Will Be The Next Epic Games Store Freebie? [VIDEO]

Don’t forget: Epic Games Store swaps out…

The Sinking City Gets Delayed! [VIDEO]

The Bigben and Frogwares pair pushed away…