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After several hints of a new IP, Sega has unveiled Hyenas, a multiplayer shooter from Creative Assembly, the studio behind Total War and Alien: Isolation.

HYENAS: Creative Assembly Does Another Shooter Game [VIDEO]

It’s true that the team behind Total…
Microsoft blinked before Sony did, and the latter will abuse this chance, it seems.

PlayStation 5: More Xbox Series Sold Again In Japan!

Due to stock shortages, it has happened…
MOVIE NEWS - The Plague Tale production will follow Amicia and Hugo as they struggle to survive the Black Death and the Inquisition.

The Plague Tale: Requiem: A Dozen Minutes Of Gameplay, PC Features [VIDEO]

Asobo Studio’s game will use several of…
The arrival of the PlayStation 5 somewhat throws a spanner into the usual things.

PlayStation Plus: The Option Missing Since The Launch Is Here!

In the meantime, the bugs haven’t been…
According to a report, Todd Howard has neglected Fallout 76 to focus more on the upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield.

Todd Howard Neglected Fallout 76’s Development For Starfield?!

According to a report, Todd Howard has…
Following Bray Wyatt's departure from WWE, the company wanted to cut the widely popular superstar from WWE 2K22 before its release.

WWE 2K22: Did WWE Management Seriously Cut Bray Wyatt Out Of The Game?!

Following Bray Wyatt’s departure from WWE, the…
According to one developer, many of the developers of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order wanted the main character to be black and/or female but were told no.

Could It Be That The Main Character Of Jedi: Fallen Order Gets A Disney+ Series?!…

MOVIE NEWS – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen…
At least the expensive Collector's Edition - you can see what it contains here - will have enough copies made. The three month delay will hopefully give DICE more time for a polished game, because Star Wars Battlefront is going to be out in November by them, and after that, Mirror's Edge Catalyst would have been too early in its original release date.

DICE: No Chance Of Projects Like Mirror’s Edge!

DICE will continue to focus on a…