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The championship, using Gran Turismo Sport, will get a new format this year.

FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 With A New Format

The championship, using Gran Turismo Sport, will…
No, we are not talking about multiplayer (we mentioned yesterday that Mass Effect 3 is skipping it altogether), but another DLC.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: Here’s How The Gameplay Got Overhauled [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts and BioWare published an in-depth…
The Finnish team behind the first two Max Payne games, Control, Alan Wake, or Quantum Break, might be doing something for Sony as well.

Is Remedy Entertainment Developing A PlayStation-Exclusive Title?

The Finnish team behind the first two…
Loot Boxes - The reason why the players and the Internet are so mad about lootboxes is that content, or in the case of Shadow of War, cheats are sold for real money.

Loot Boxes Are Akin To Gambling; A Ban Is Possible In Brazil

In the United Kingdom, a significant study…
The Danes are no longer dealing only with Agent 47 - another Agent is joining their ranks. And his name is Bond. James Bond.

Project 007 Will Have An Entirely Original Story Behind It

IO Interactive reiterated that their game isn’t…
Thankfully, it was just a mistake on Sony's end, but they still made a few PlayStation 4 titles cost a wealth on the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store: The Complete List Of Games That Will Disappear!

Here are all the 139 titles that…
Capcom has a new killer app, especially seeing how many copies the new instalment of Monster Hunter shipped in just one week...

Monster Hunter Rise Is Selling Incredibly Nicely!

Capcom has a new killer app, especially…
After putting an end to Life is Strange 2, Dontnod's team has become quite busy...

After Life Is Strange, Dontnod Is Working On Six Titles!

After putting an end to Life is…
Brandon Popovich says that he was „maliciously” removed from Ember Lab.

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits: Using The Rot To Our Advantage

The „tiny spirit companions” will be useful…
The console, which is slowly turning fourteen years old, is going to have its abilities somewhat cut back shortly with the PlayStation 3 messages gone.

The PlayStation 3 Servers Can’t Keep Up with The Demand

After Sony announced that the PlayStation Store…

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