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Twelve seconds of Helldivers 2 trailer leaked on Twitter. Maybe we'll see more at Gamescom.

Helldivers 2: Could The Highly Anticipated Announcement Be Just Around The Corner?!

Twelve seconds of Helldivers 2 trailer leaked…
2K (=Take-Two) and Gearbox Software, part of the Embracer Group, announced at PAX East 2022 during the Gearbox show that they will be taking over from Telltale and making a new Tales from the Borderlands.

New Tales From The Borderlands: Another Leak From Around The Expanding Embracer

Embracer Group recently announced more acquisitions (it’s…
Dead Island 2 -Deep Silver's statement says choosing Sumo makes perfect sense. Hopefully, the team will be able to get the game back on track!

Unbelievable, But Dead Island 2 Is Coming In Early 2023!?

Amazing, but true: after the announcement of…
While they do have a point that they had cross-platform almost one and a half decade ago with FFXI, they don't seem to be too cooperative about Microsoft's idea.

Twice As Many PlayStation 4s Sold As Xbox Ones!

In one of its official documents, Microsoft…
Let's take the Wild West, and combine it with the developers of Shadow Warrior - the result is close to what Focus Home Interactive announced at The Game Awards.

Evil West Arrives Two Months Later

Flying Wild Hog’s game will not be…
IllFonic is indeed working on a Ghostbusters game, and they're using a formula that fits the team.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed – Release Date Finally Announced!

A new Ghostbusters game from the developers…
Nintendo. The two controllers, Joy-Con that can be taken off from the Nintendo Switch is the reason why a law firm is looking into the situation - Nintendo might be taken to court over the drifting.

Was Nintendo Working On A PlayStation & Xbox Compatible Controller?!

According to Reggie Fils-Aime, this project was…
Eric Lempel, Sony's head of worldwide marketing, said that those who have the current-gen console shouldn't be afraid if they don't switch to the new console, as there's still a lot of games coming to the PlayStation 4.

A Japanese Chain Is Selling PlayStation 5 Only With Console Trading!

GEO is asking us to make a…
EA Sports has released a new FIFA 23 trailer that reveals interesting information about the newly added features and updates to the career mode.

A Marvel Touch For Electronic Arts’ Last FIFA Cash Pump

Even though FIFA and Electronic Arts are…