Fallout TV Series – There Is Life After the Nuclear Apocalypse

SERIES PREVIEW – The Fallout series is one of the most anticipated adaptations for the video game community. The games, made by Bethesda Softworks, are famous for their stunning portrayal of a post-nuclear war world, where survivors live in giant underground shelters called Vaults or have adventures on the devastated surface. The Amazon Prime Video series attempts to evoke the atmosphere and humour of the games, while telling its own story. The series stars Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan, who all play different characters in the Fallout universe. Amazon Prime Video is presenting the post-apocalyptic drama based on the popular video game franchise, in which the survivors try to make it in a 1950s-inspired retrofuturistic world.



The Fallout series is set in an alternate history world where a nuclear war between the United States and China in 2077 has destroyed civilisation. The series does not begin then, however, but in 2102, when the inhabitants of one of the Vaults venture to the surface for the first time. The people who emerge from Vault 33 soon discover that the world is not as they remembered it. Mutants, bandits, robots and other strange creatures populate the wasteland, which is full of dangers and treasures. The series shows how they try to survive and thrive in this new world, while confronting their own past and future.


Az élőszereplős trailer, amelynek a neve The Wanderer lett, szintén kiemelkedő minőségű, pompásan prezentálja a korábbi Boston városát.


The creators and characters of the series


The Fallout series was developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan for Amazon Prime Video. Joy and Nolan previously created the sci-fi drama Westworld, also based on a video game franchise. The duo said they are big fans of the Fallout games and want to recreate the gonzo, crazy, funny and unforgettable adventure that the games gave them. The executive producers of the series include Todd Howard, who is the head of Bethesda Game Studios and has directed several Fallout games. Howard said he is very excited about the series and is confident it will be true to the spirit of the games.

The main character is Walton Goggins, who plays a ghoul. Ghouls are people who have survived nuclear radiation but have become disfigured and aged as a result. Goggins’ character is a former army officer who wanders alone in the wilderness after the war, trying to forget his past. Ella Purnell plays a young woman from Vault 33 who is curious about the surface world. She is the one who leaves the Vault and joins Goggins’ character. Kyle MacLachlan plays another Vault resident, who is the leader of Vault 33 and the father of Purnell’s character. He is a stern and conservative man who distrusts people on the surface and wants to protect the Vault community. The series also stars Xelia Mendes-Jones, Aaron Moten, Mike Doyle, Moisés Arias and others.


Fallout 76 - Utóbbi az olyan alkalom, amikor elmerülhetsz a fikcióban, meghallgathatod a holoszalagokat, elolvashatod a monitorokat, és ekkor mehetsz mélyen a történetbe, de nagyobb feszültség van.


Source and inspiration


The Fallout series is based on the Fallout video game franchise, originally developed by Interplay Entertainment in 1997. The games are set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remnants of humanity are trying to survive after a nuclear war between the United States and China. One of the most distinctive features of the games is their retrofuturistic style, which evokes 1950s American culture and technology. Vaults, giant underground shelters built by the US government to protect its people, play an important role in the games. In the games, players usually start from a Vault and explore the wasteland, completing various missions and meeting characters.

The series is not based on a specific Fallout game, but tells its own story that fits into the Fallout universe. The creators of the series said that they did not want to simply copy or adapt the story or characters from the games, but wanted to create their own vision and atmosphere. The series was inspired by the Mad Max films, the novel and film The Road, the novel and film I Am Legend, and other post-apocalyptic works, among others.



The style and humour of the series


The Fallout series will not only be a dark and grim drama, but also a fun and humorous adventure. The creators of the series have said that they want to preserve the games’ unique sense of humour and irony, which often contrasts with the horrors of the world. The series will feature comic elements such as Nuka-Cola, a nuclear energy drink that is a parody of Coca-Cola; Pip-Boy, a watch-like computer that comes to the aid of players; Vault Boy, a smiling cartoon character who is the advertising and information face of the Vaults; the Super Mutants, giant green-skinned mutants who are often silly and aggressive; or Mr. Handy robots, who perform household tasks but are often flawed or weird. There will also be situational comedy in the series, which arises from the fact that the people who come out of the Vault are unfamiliar with the rules and customs of the surface world and often get into trouble.



Why watch the Fallout series?


The Fallout series will be a thrilling and entertaining post-apocalyptic adventure that will delight not only video game fans, but also those who love the sci-fi and drama genres. The production presents a world that is at once familiar and alien, terrifying and wonderful. The characters are trying to live and thrive in this world, while confronting their own past and future. The adventure will include action, adventure, drama, romance and humour. The creators of the story promise that the Fallout series will be an experience unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Fallout is expected to debut on Amazon Prime Video in 2023 or 2024.


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