Retro Sports Car GT 1

Sports Car GT – Autorun – in a new perspective [RETRO-1999]

Autorun – in a new perspective (RETRO-1999)
ps4pro corsairs 1

Corsairs – For Glory and the King! And of Course For the Gold [RETRO-1999]

For Glory and the King! And of…
Time was not gracious to the adventure genre, and also to the protagonist of one of the most famous adventure games, who now is an old king in the Daventry realm.

King’s Quest 8: Mask of Eternity – Royal with Rotten Cheese [RETRO-1999]

Royal with rotten cheese (RETRO-1999) guild wars nightfall 1

Guild Wars: Nightfall – When the night came… [RETRO-2006]

RETRO – The fight for popularity between…
However Call of Cthulhu is one of Lovecraft’s most famous universe: It inspired several adventure games, and survival horror games, and even served as a basis for tabletop games.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth – The Stuff of Nightmares? [RETRO –…

The Stuff of Nightmares? (RETRO – 2005)

Dark Souls – Your Dark Soul is Mine! [RETRO – 2011]

Your Dark Soul is Mine! (RETRO -…
ps4pro John Romero

The Reason Why You Move Slower In Quake Than Doom

John Romero explained why there was a…
ps4pro return to castle wolfenstein 1

Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Achtung Wolfenstein! [RETRO-2002]

RETRO – Ten years ago was the…
The PlayStation 4 version's limited physical copy will net you a Steam code, too, allowing you to play the game on two platforms with one purchase.

Strafe: The Retro Shooter Gets Three Collector’s Editions [VIDEO]

Pixel Titans’ Unity engine-using game, which is…
Night Trap originally launched during the autumn of 1992 on SEGA CD, but in a few years, it ended up on 32X, 3DO, and the DOS/Mac OS pair as well.

Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition: Are We Going Back To The 90s? [VIDEO]

A long ago forgotten genre returns. Oh…

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