I didn't recall hearing a song in the episode, so in regards to audio, I can only judge the voice acting, which is at least has the usual quality.

The Walking Dead:…

Family Feud
We'll see how the game works in early 2017 - that's when Vikings: Wolves of Midgard comes for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Vikings: Wolves Of…

Diablo In Another Setting
Detective Smith’s evening was going pretty okay, he, and his wife plus the two kids were out camping in the middle of the woods.

2DARK – Hotline…

Hotline Gloomywood
While the game modes are okay, the presentation, sound effects, and visuals are flabbergastingly the same, and even worse than the 2006 FlatOut game.

FlatOut 4: Total…

Not the Demolition Derby You Are Looking…
While we can tackle objectives in multiple ways, it does not mean we can go swords blazing against humans and other foes.

Styx: Shards of…

A Small Foe with a Knife
Light, heavy and charge up attacks also exist for all of the weapons. However, there is no need for the player to master combos, to be effective.

NieR: Automata –…

Ghost in the Shell

The Incredible Adventures…

Play Again, Abraham!
Homefront was saved by Deep Silver when THQ went bankrupt, selling their older franchises.

Homefront: The Revolution…

American-Korean Drama
Unfortunately, because of this, the Santa Blanca Cartel gains too much power, and in the ensuing power struggle, a CIA operative is killed.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost…

This Game is Coming Like a Ghost…
Now that I mentioned Quest, you got your Main Quests and your Side Quests.

The Legend of…

Did It Take Our Breath Away?

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: The Division 2 girl