These are all the video games nominated for the DICE Awards 2022, which take place on 24 February

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – The PS5 Video Game That Would Make Pixar Go…

The PS5 Video Game That Would Make…
REVIEW - Aeterna Noctis is an average game: this thought was my idea for a good day and a half.

Aeterna Noctis – Always Look At The Bright Side

Always Look At The Bright Side
MOVIE REVIEW - "Neo lived, Neo lives and Neo will live" - that's the classic Lenin quote to epitomise the big return of the best Matrix, which returns with a divisive but clearly spectacular and attention-grabbing year-end cinematic blockbuster.

Matrix: Resurrections – “After all this time… back to the Matrix?”

"After all this time... back to the…
MOVIE REVIEW - One of the biggest series of "grandchild" scams of the past decade is explored in Oscar-winning director Kristóf Deák's new film in a "revenge thriller" and the story of a young man's "coming of age".

The Grandson – Revenge, Hungarian style

Revenge, Hungarian style
MOVIE REVIEW - The Kingsman series can be approached from many angles: in some ways it's a poor man's James Bond, in others it's a laugh-out-loud (or often intended to be) super-spy spoof, so hilariously extreme, and in others it's just plain silly or with scenes of no excitement. The King's Man, set during the First World War and intended as an origin story, perhaps suffers even more from these stylistic mix-ups than its predecessors.

The King’s Man – World War I Superspy Movie With A Chaotic Mix Of Styles

World War I Superspy Movie With A…
REVIEW - After a three-year hiatus, the Farming Simulator saga returns! This brand-new chapter, entitled Farming Simulator 22, comes with many new features and a brand-new release model.

Farming Simulator 22 – Kings of Farming

Kings of Farming

The Witcher Season 2 – The Witcher Is Back, and Henry Cavill Is Better Than…

The Witcher Is Back, and Henry Cavill…
RETRO MOVIE - The highly anticipated Matrix: Resurrections arrives nearly two decades after the original trilogy's release. Here's all the information you need to catch up with the next film, which we'll be sharing our review of next Thursday.

The Matrix: Resurrections – Everything You Need To Know About The Original Trilogy

Everything You Need To Know About The…
MOVIE NEWS - The new Spider-Man movie is doing remarkably well at the box office

Spider-Man: No Way Home – In the Web of Multiple Spider-Man Universes

In the Web of Multiple Spider-Man Universes
MOVIE REVIEW - The narrative invites us all the way from the age of colouring pictures to New York City, where anyone can become a big dog, as Clifford the big red dog does, without any super-spoilers. With a little digging, you can even find the pet's digital footprint (paw paw) in the form of colouring books you can order. I suppose red will do in the hands of any small child, but the film doesn't attempt to explain this understatement of colour temperature. Apparently, the radioactive spider would not have fit into the multiverse of manufacturing companies.

Clifford the Big Red Dog – Who Let This Dog Out?

Who Let This Dog Out?

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