The graphics don't want to be amazing.

Cuphead – The Past Is Always Right

The Past Is Always Right
After eight months, we got a sudden continuation.

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2: The Pact – Silence

REVIEW - Ehh. I understand what Telltale…
I do think the approach is flawed a bit, though: for me; it didn't look like the AI is following what I was doing the previous cycle.

ECHO – Mirror Match

Mirror Match mgs 5 1

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain – The man who sold us his world [PS…

The man who sold us his world
ps4pro wrc 7 2

WRC 7 – Midfield Runner

REVIEW - We're getting a WRC-license based…
If you expect background music in the game while racing, forget about it.

Project CARS 2 – Over The Past

REVIEW - Slightly Mad Studios is on… Outlast Whistleblower NYITO

Outlast: Whistleblower – Fear some more!

REVIEW – Outlast cannot be considered a…
Outlast 3 - Probably that’s the reason why Outlast is really nerve-racking: we cannot fight back, defend ourselves and destroy the ghosts like even in the most fearful of survivor horrors we could do so.

Outlast – Hide and Kill

REVIEW – You think you’ve seen everything?…
Mark Cerny, the lead architect of both PlayStation 4 models (the „basic”/Slim, and the PS4 Pro), as well as the director of Knack, talked to Glixel, and he said the following:

Knack 2 – Does Every Pieces Fits This Time Around?

Does Every Pieces Fits This Time Around?

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