I'm giving this a 2/10 - if it wasn't this expensive, it could have received a 3.

Ghostbusters – Who You Gonna Not Call?

Who You Gonna Not Call?
I think to really appreciate Inside, after you completed it, days need to the past, and you need to think about it, what was this incredible journey is all about.

Inside – Creativity Inside

Creativity Inside
Rey, Finn, Poe, Han Solo, C-3PO, Chewbacca, BB-8 and Kylo Renn will all be involved, and we'll also be able to build custom ships to navigate in the galaxy far, far away.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Shiny new block effort

Shiny new block effort
If you bought Reincarnation on PC, you get a free copy of Max Damage on PC when it launches.

Carmageddon: Max Damage – Grandpa, is that you?

Grandpa, is that you?
Furi is a game that is not easy, and can make you tear your hair out.

Furi – Adrenaline Rush

Adrenaline Rush
The game will only be available digitally, so you will have to get it from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace or Steam.

Valentino Rossi: The Game – Bailstone

At least the expensive Collector's Edition - you can see what it contains here - will have enough copies made. The three month delay will hopefully give DICE more time for a polished game, because Star Wars Battlefront is going to be out in November by them, and after that, Mirror's Edge Catalyst would have been too early in its original release date.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You”

“If I Ever Lose My Faith in…
The only thing that saves the collection from a 5/10 rating is the addition of Retro Revenge.

Dead Island Definitive Collection – Zombie-bitten, repainted car

Zombie-bitten, repainted car
Blizzard's game, Overwatch is noticeably trying to take the throne away from Valve's Team Fortress 2. Even its style is similar to Valve's 2007 free-to-play FPS with the extra addition of Blizzard's experience.

Overwatch – Blizzard Arena FPS? What?!

Blizzard Arena FPS? What?!