I'm not sure if using a woman with a prosthetic limb as the cover art is historically correct.

Battlefield V –…

Garfield V!
We're looking for a giant, corrupt queen, and by the time we get to her, a few people will want to stomp us, regardless if we're in the dungeons or not.

Ashen – Not…

Not Souls
I believe it's far more entertaining to goof around on the island than to progress the story altogether, and this is the only reason why Just Cause 4 gets a six out of ten.

Just Cause 4…

The new characters barely get any screen time, sure Darius is there for the cutscenes, but other than that and one boss fight him, and his daughter are pretty much non-existent in the storyline.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:…

Another Cult Bites the Dust!
The four available modes, unfortunately, do not finish helping the experience to be very varied.

Onrush – Different…

Different and daring driving (PS Plus)
The character creation offers variety, and this video above is a scary, yet at the same time, a prime example of creativity, but I do need to warn you: the loading times will be annoying.

SoulCalibur VI –…

En Garde
Then, the three of us will be in a room with even more weirdness.

The Council –…

It was ridiculously difficult to talk about Darksiders III without spoilers, but maybe I could pull it off.

Darksiders III –…

Fury Souls 3
The bikes, though, they sound different and powerful! The physics also felt alright, and now, I noticed that you have to turn early to take turns accurately, or you'll just „understeer” no matter how hard you try.

RIDE 3 –…

Why should I even care about these people in my base in the first place?

Overkill’s The Walking…

Not Payday

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: The Division 2 girl