Double Dragon IV – Beaten up

Beaten up
The presentation of Nioh is good, but at times it does feel like that this game is much better enjoyed on a PS4 Pro.

Nioh – Tom Cruise Would be Proud

Tom Cruise Would be Proud
Resident Evil 8 - The overall feeling of combating the enemy is both better done, than in some of the previous Resident Evil games but somehow still less satisfying, than in Resident Evil 4 for example.

Resident Evil 7 – Show Me Your True Horror

Show Me Your True Horror
Having been drawn in by a gravitational anomaly, Kat and Syd find themselves far from Heksevillese, penniless, obliged to work for certain Lisa and his band of wandering minors.

Gravity Rush 2 – It’s “Rush Hour” Again!

It’s “Rush Hour” Again!
More details at the E3, then.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Goku Et Al Return

REVIEW - After the first Xenoverse, the…
Besides the real-time combat itself the gameplay is characterized by a completely open world.

Final Fantasy XV – Return of a King?

Return of a King?

Space Hulk: Deathwing – Only For Fans!

Only For Fans!

The Walking Dead: The New Frontier – Ties That Bind – Back To The Top?

REVIEW - Telltale made us wait until…
It might not be the greatest looking game out there, but the developers have done a great job.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – Eli Roth Would be Proud

Eli Roth Would be Proud

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