In the end, Dark Souls 3 feels like a much more linear, limited game with elements „rehashed” from the previous entries.

Dark Souls 3 – The Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis
Puzzles don't help to extend the game's length, either, they get done way too quickly if you play Quantum Break the second time.

Quantum Break – Give Me a Break!

Give me a break
Pray tell, what's the deal with the European launch being in limbo?

Republique – Privacy

The weapons that we pick up or unlock during our runs are both powerful, and hilarious at times.

Enter the Gungeon – Shoot em with guns that shoot guns

Shoot em with guns that shoot guns
DiRT Rally - Don't worry, rally simulator fans: you will very likely get your annual dose in 2016. DiRT Rally is very promising even in its current state.

DiRT Rally – I want to play dirty

I want to play dirty
In the end, Earth Defense Force 4.1 is the definitive experience if you want to check out the franchise.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 – Saving the world by destroying it

Saving the world by destroying it
Animations end up flawed here and there; loading times seem to be a bit longer than usual, plus this episode is ridiculously short.

The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 2: Give No Shelter – Short slice

REVIEW - After about thirty minutes of…
LucasArts, SCUMM-engine and the point-and-click genre meant one word in the nineties: quality.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered – Back (and forth) in time

Back (and forth) in time
The game will also have gameplay similar to the franchise, and will be a sequel to Death to Spies: Moment of Truth’s storyline. Sounds exciting right?

Alekhine’s Gun – Poor Man’s Hitman

REVIEW - This game is not what…

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