TECH NEWS - Facebook sent a letter to the LAPD asking them to stop creating and using fake accounts as intelligence gathering devices for their investigations

Meta Is Working On Its Digital Currency And NFTs!

TECH NEWS – Meta, which owns Facebook,…
It took thirty-seven years for a secret to be revealed in Microsoft's first Windows, and it involves a popular figure, too...

The EU May Launch An Antitrust Investigation Into Microsoft’s Cloud Business!

TECH NEWS – A questionnaire sent to…
TECH NEWS - The European Commission announced the first legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI) almost a year ago. From now on, public authorities will be able to regulate and even withdraw AIs from the market, judging them by four categories: unacceptable, high risk, limited risk, and minimal risk.

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Regulation in the European Union

TECH NEWS – The European Commission announced…
The company trying to make PlayStation 5 faceplates says Sony refuses to tolerate them...

PlayStation 5: Is Sony Working On Local PlayStation 3 Emulation?

TECH NEWS – It may not be…
It has also been emphasized that more PlayStation 5 will be available during the remainder of the year.

Sony Is Taking Action Against Scalpers In Japan!

TECH HÍREK – Sony is also trying…
Facebook - In the new design called FB5, Events and the Groups will get more emphasis - the latter has been moved (on mobile!) to the centre of the menu bar.

Facebook Has Locked Many Accounts Without Explanation

TECH NEWS – Many Facebook users around…
TECH NEWS - Intel graphics cards are now available for notebooks, but desktops will have to wait.

Intel Unveils Its First GPU For PC: Pictures & Details Of The Arc Series! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – Intel graphics cards are…