In what has become a depressingly common refrain for the social network behemoth, Facebook user data has once again been left exposed to the public. According to researchers at security firm UpGuard, the first of the two data sets originate from Mexico-based media publisher Cultura Colectiva, weighing in at over 146 gigabytes and featuring over 540 million records, including Facebook IDs, comments, likes, and reactions.

540 million Facebook user records were leaked by third parties

TECH NEWS – Security researchers at Upguard…
The new GTX 1650 is expected to hit the market on April 22.

We already have the launch date of the Nvidia GTX 1650

TECH NEWS – The „green” company continues…
As the lithium-ion polymer batteries (which caused trouble for Xiaomi and Motorola as well before) are dangerous, no wonder that everyone recommends using official, licensed products to charge your electric devices...

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Is Dangerous On Its Own, Too!

TECH NEWS – We have previously heard…
The technical demonstrations of graphics engines are one of the most obvious and striking points of attraction for technology lovers.

Unreal 4’s amazing new demo is the most incredible thing you’ll see today

TECH – Rebirth and Troll are two…
TECH NEWS - No less than EIGHT (!) 3DFX Voodoo 2 GPUs were needed to run Valve's game from 1998. Huh...

Half-Life Running On Voodoo GPUs? A Modder Made It Possible! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – No less than EIGHT…
YouTube is currently testing a feature in India which shows an information panel in the search results, and these facts are provided by YouTube's fact-checking partners in English and Hindi language.

YouTube Strikes Back Against Fake News!

TECH NEWS – Google’s video sharing website…

The Robot Jibo Says Goodbye with a Dance [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – The owners of the…

Windows 10 updates are effective, but confusing

TECH NEWS – A company analyzes the…
House Of Ashes: What Is Supermassive Games Up To?

House of Ashes: What Is Supermassive Games Up To?

Until Dawn’s developers are working on multiple…
TECH NEWS - The worth of the contract is incredible, and the Redmond-based company is now even closer to the US Army than ever before.

Microsoft Employees Protest Their New Contract!

TECH NEWS – They didn’t sign up…

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