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According to Axios, changes in Sony's business operations have reportedly led to the closure of these PlayStation divisions. PlayStation Support.

Sony May Have Accidentally Revealed When PlayStation 6 Is Expected?!

TECH NEWS – As part of Sony’s…
TECH NEWS - With the next generation of GPUs approaching, AMD and Nvidia hardware prices have fallen by 57% since the beginning of 2022, according to a report.

A Significant Drop In The New GPU Market; The Second-Hand Market Soars!

TECH NEWS – Nvidia, AMD, and Intel…
TECH NEWS - AMD, led by Lisa Su, has previously predicted that the parts shortage would ease around this time.

A Significant Price Drop For AMD Ryzen 7000 Processors In Europe!

TECH NEWS – AMD has lowered the…
TECH NEWS - As pressure from the PC gaming community mounts and class action lawsuits are filed, Nvidia releases a new update on the RTX 4090 connectors.

RTX 4090 Connectors Melting?! Nvidia Does What It Must

TECH NEWS – As pressure from the…
TECH NEWS - Although NVIDIA warned about the vulnerability last week, they have now confirmed that the worst-case scenario has been confirmed.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080: Good Performance At A Too-High Price!

TECH NEWS – The graphics card, which…
TECH NEWS - What we thought was impossible has happened: the Twitter board has accepted Elon Musk's $44 billion offer, which will make the eccentric billionaire feel like the absolute master of the social platform.

Twitter: Closed Office Doors For The Weekend, Lots Of Employees Fired!

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk has shaken…

Sony “INZONE” M3 Gaming Monitor Available for Pre-Order

TECH NEWS – Today, Sony published the…
TECH NEWS - The proposal would allow sticks to be hidden to provide more excellent protection for the PlayStation controller. PS5. Sony.

New Sony Patent Uses Machine Learning To Improve Controllers!

TECH NEWS – Sony has patented a…
TECH NEWS - One of the attendees at the Kendrick Lamar concert in London captured the excitement from the front row of the stage with his PS Vita.

PS Vita: Never Thought We’d See The Classic PlayStation Handheld This Way!

TECH NEWS – One of the attendees…

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