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TECH NEWS - At first glance, the gadget looks like nothing more than a copy of a Nintendo Game Boy (you can find handhelds like this in droves these days), but it can also be used to steal cars.

Thieves Stole Cars With Technology Camouflaged As A Game Boy! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – At first glance, the…
TECH NEWS - The Sky company will collaborate with Microsoft to launch a TV with a camera, taking advantage of Kinect technology.

Microsoft’s Kinect is Back From the Dead Again

TECH NEWS – The Sky company will…
Facebook - In the new design called FB5, Events and the Groups will get more emphasis - the latter has been moved (on mobile!) to the centre of the menu bar.

Facebook Provides An Unbelievable Reasoning Behind The Huge Outage!

TECH NEWS – After Facebook became unaccessible…
They also argued to strike down a 2018 antitrust order because Google's success is because of consumer preference. The lawyers went as far as to claim that the most popular search term on Bing is "Google."

What’s The Most Searched Term On Bing? A Rival Tells Us The Answer!

TECH NEWS – After the European Union…
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Google Chrome Is Preparing For A Possibly Adblock-Killing Change!

TECH NEWS – AdBlock Plus and uBlock…
TECH NEWS - Concept files for Valve's potentially AMD-powered wireless headset, codenamed "Deckard", have been posted on Steam VR.

Will Valve Index’s successor be a standalone VR headset?

TECH NEWS – Concept files for Valve‘s…
TECH NEWS - Amazon unveils Astro, its first household robot powered by Alexa's smart home technology.

Astro, Amazon’s home robot, has arrived

TECH NEWS – Amazon unveils Astro, its…

What You Should & Shouldn’t Do on Your Computer

These days, people rely on computers, smartphones,…