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According to Axios, changes in Sony's business operations have reportedly led to the closure of these PlayStation divisions. PlayStation Support.

Sony’s Latest Patent Made Our Jaws Drop!

TECH NEWS – Sony recently patented a…
TECH NEWS - Microsoft has previously indicated its intention to integrate keyboard and mouse support into its cloud gaming platform, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Super Features Coming Soon To Xbox Cloud Gaming!

TECH NEWS – Microsoft has previously indicated…
Every year, thanks to the Vodafone Digital Award, we have the opportunity to support projects that we believe can benefit humanity.

Winners of this Year’s Vodafone Digital Award Announced

TECH NEWS – Hand orthosis, language learning…
TECH NEWS - The GPU world seems to be recovering from the price hikes that hit a generation ago, with some AMD hardware prices dropping significantly.

Could The Crisis Ease? AMD RX 6000 Graphics Card Prices Fall

TECH NEWS – The GPU world seems…
TSMC spoke on June 16 at the North America Technology Symposium, where it was announced that the chipmaker already has plans to start manufacturing 2nm chips.

TSMC To Produce 2 Nanometre Chips By 2026

TECH NEWS – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.,…
GPU. NVIDIA’s incoming GeForce RTX 3080 virtually destroys the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in Doom Eternal.

The (Crypto)Mine Is Closing: Here Come All The Cheap, Used GPUs?!

TECH NEWS – It seems that due…
Players can download one classic and one lesser-known but interesting title for free this week from the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store Launcher Could Have Some Problems?!

TECH NEWS – Epic Games Store users…
TECH NEWS - Several SpaceX employees are being fired over an open letter criticising CEO Elon Musk and calling for executives to step up.

Would You Criticise Elon Musk? Think Twice If You Work At SpaceX…

TECH NEWS – Several SpaceX employees are…
elon musk sued

Elon Musk is Being Sued for 258 Billion Dollars Over Dogecoin!

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk is being…
TECH NEWS - Xbox CFO Tim Stuart has confirmed that the Xbox Series X console supply shortage could continue into 2022 due to several issues.

Big Trouble In Little Xbox?! The CFO Comments On The Supply Crisis

TECH NEWS – Xbox CFO Tim Stuart…

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