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Samurai Shodown - The more you will get hit, the higher your Rage Gauge will go.

Samurai Shodown: The Three…

We finally learned who the three newcomers on the starter sixteen-character roster will be. The three characters got revealed…
Szóval a SEGA egyből négyet (trükkös... három és fél lesz az) jelentett be, igaz, ebből egyet tuti nem fogunk errefelé látni. Vajon lesz-e sikere ezeknek a játékoknak? Szezonális címekről beszélünk, ne feledjük... pl. 2021-ben ki fog már bármelyikkel játszani?

SEGA Announced No Less…

One of them will be a big surprise for Nintendo fans! SEGA revealed all four games via Twitter. Olympic…
The four available modes, unfortunately, do not finish helping the experience to be very varied.

Onrush – Different and…

Different and daring driving (PS Plus)
Now that I described why the game got a pathetically low rating, I do feel the need to point out that the racing itself isn't terrible, but it's still far from the level that the 2003-2006 era had with the two Underground, the original Most Wanted, and Carbon games from the series.

Need For Speed: Payback…

Need For Your Money (To Pay Back)

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: Ghost of Tsushima

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