Samurai Shodown: The Three Rookies Revealed! [VIDEO]

We finally learned who the three newcomers on the starter sixteen-character roster will be.

The three characters got revealed overnight during a live stream. One of them Darli Dagger, who looks like a pirate on purpose – she washed ashore on an island at a young age. Wu-Ruixiang from the Qing-dynasty looks clumsy, but she can summon a dragon – don’t judge too early. Yashamaru Kurama hates the Shogunate (his father was killed on false charges), and he uses the nagamaki sword, and the power of the tengu (long-nosed goblin) to fight. The starter roster is thus full, but it’s not over yet.

Samurai Shodown will have a season pass, which will cost 2000 yen in Japan, meaning it’s possibly going to be 20 bucks/euros in the West. It gives you access to the four new characters that will come in August, October, December, and February. As a pre-order bonus, you can get a retro 3D Haohmaru skin for the default version, and a retro 3D Nakoruru DLC costume for the Deluxe/season pass (with the latter, you have to buy it by July 16). If you buy the Deluxe edition or the season pass by July 16 on the Microsoft Store or the PlayStation Store, you’ll get a 10% discount.

On the SNK Online Shop, you can also find a 30 thousand yen (~270 dollars) exclusive limited edition, which will get you the game, a Neo Geo-style case, a 72-page art book, as well as an original picture illustrated by Yumi Saji. It’s an exciting collection.

Samurai Shodown (which is called Samurai Spirits Reboot in Japan, as SNK considers this game a reboot of the series) is going to launch in Japan on June 27 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for 7200 JPY (about 65 dollars), or 9000 for the Deluxe version (80 dollars). During the Summer, an arcade version will also launch (which is highly unlikely to be available elsewhere), followed by a Nintendo Switch and PC version this winter. In North America and Europe, the PS4/X1 versions are still planned to launch in „June.” It sounds like it might be delayed then…

Source: Gematsu

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