Werewolves in The Order: 1886 – they are frightening, realistic and smart

During their E3 2014 demonstration, Sony presented the frightening side of their forthcoming exclusive third-person action game: The Order: 1886. The gameplay demo ran in the bottom of a hospital below Whitechapel and its main hero, Galahad was hunted by a werewolf, or lycan. In their latest post on the PlayStation Blog, developer Ready At Dawn Studios clarified how it created one of the game’s most fearsome enemies.


“We knew that one of the pillars of the game is that we not just have lycans, but the ability to transforms a human into a lycan or vice versa,” Technology Director Garrett Foster commented. “We wanted no cheats. We wanted continuous, no cut shots of this happening, and what that means is actually transforming the anatomy.”

Nathan Phail-Liff, the game’s Art Director, also said that the developers “tried to capture the right balance of the human-lupine anatomy and that level of imperfection that makes it not feel like this kind of action-y comic book creature, and much more like a creature that could have existed that we just haven’t seen yet.”

“I think to me the most terrifying thing is that we try to basically always have some degree of a performance in them that carries a level of intelligence,” Game Director Dana Jan said. “They are smart. That to me is the scariest thing about them.“

The Order: 1886 will be out only on PlayStation 4 on February 20, 2015.

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