Gamescom 2014: Walking Dead actor stars in Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill game

One of the best horror franchises ever, the Silent Hill series has another game in the making from none other, thank Hideo Kojima. From the short trailer which we can at the ending of the demo of “PT” revealed earlier yesterday (which seems to be actually Silent Hill itself), it may be some kind of a reboot, the title of the game being simply Silent Hill.

Besides Kojima-san two other surprising big names added to the game: Norman Reedus who is best known from his “redneck” character Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead TV series and the director and producer Guillermo Del Toro.

The short trailer of the game shows some ingame footage in dark mansion a than a loney walk in an abandoned city with Daryl Dixon walking in it with his flashlight in his hand. Not much else is known from the game, be sure to check back often to PS4PRO for future information about Silent Hill.

As for the game itself you can actually try out it’s demo yourself, as it’s free to download on PSN for everyone.
ps4pro.eu_Silent Hill

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