Formula Fusion from the makers of Wipeout is announced

Are you waiting for another Wipeout? Well though luck because that’s certainly not going to happen because Studio Liverpool closed its doors in 2012, but something similar might be arriving. Formula Fusion, a futuristic racer from some of the makers of Wipeout is coming!


Developer R8 Games released the first pre-alpha footage of Formula Fusion, reminding everyone of their Wipeout roots. The trailer shows some admittedly slow gameplay along with ships that give us a Wipeout 2048 feeling. In fact, the whole trailer strongly resemble Wipeout, which is good news for Wipeout fans. The description makes it a point to say that the footage is pre-alpha so everything shown in the trailer is subject to change.


What do you guys think: how this Formula Fusion looks? Let us know in the comments below.

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