Deep Down – Deep into the monster’s lair

Deep Down is one of Capcom’s new intelleactucal properties that has kept most gamers in excitement ever since the 2013 release trailer. Not much was shown at the time only a CGI teaser that set the tone with its grim and deadly theme. Now with the end the 2014 Tokyo Games Show the game has had the chance to once again to delve into the dark dungeons of this world.


This also one of the first game to feature the new engine Panta Rhei which will replace their previous in house engine the MT Framework that has powered such games as Resident Evil 5,6 7, the Lost Planet series and Dragon’s Dogma.

Visually it looks impressive, and the art style irks of hopelessness and despair. It is a sharp one eighty both in gameplay and in style compared to Capcom’s preivous foray into the fantasy world which was Dragon’s Dogma, and has taken a much „grounded” and slower route with this game.

Hero from the future

The game takes place in a world of increasingly complex and challenging mazes as you fight your way through these dungeons to gain loot and experience points. There is one great twist about the dungeons, that their level generation is random. With a combat reminiscent of being Demon’s Souls it has peaked our interest.

Not much has been revealed of the story, but it does seem to be a mix of Assassin’s Creed and The Matrix. Where you as the player from the future travel back in time via a machine to discover the past and collect artifacts. Hopefully more will be revealed about the story as it does seem to be an interesting premise.


Lone warrior?

Going through the darkness, with a weapon in one and a shield in another, never not knowing what could be at the next corner can be a very tense, and the enemies are deadly ready to kill you in a few hits. Currently there are four playable classes, and most of the previews show a knight with heavy armor trudging through hordes of monsters in a maze like cavern system. The lightning and atmosphere is superbly well done, and the combat is also on par with the Next Gen. Every hit, slash and strike to enemies have a huge feel to it, and the animations are top notch in terms of reaction to the movement and attacks.

While this game seems to  be the best to experience alone at home, the game does support co-op.The game will let you conquer all the world of Deep Down with three of your friends, and supports online co-op and is also free to play with also a single player campaign.


Fear of the unknown

My initial fears of this game due to the above has been that this will only be a very pretty but simple corridor „slashing” game has faded, however given this is a free to play game I am now also eagerly waiting Sony and Capcom’s plans for the future of the game.

While the game shows promise, and looks stunning there is a lack information as to how the free to play aspect of such a high quality game will work.

Nevertheless the game with the beautiful graphics, promise of randomly generated levels and tense gameplay will make this a very interesting next generation title for the PlayStation 4.

As of this preview no release date has been confirmed, but there will be a beta in 2015 for Japan. No word of any plans to extend the beta to other regions.


Reasons to look out for it:

+ Gorgeous graphics
+ Horror and RPG elements mixed
+ Dragon’s Dogma was a good start

Not sure about:

– When will it be out in other countries besides Japan?
– Dragon’s Dogma was a “bit” repetitive

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