Instead of Skype, ooVoo will provide video chat on the PS4

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Since the introduction of the PlayStation 4, users have been asking for a way to video chat with their buddies. Other consoles gave their users an option to video chat with each other, but what about the PlayStation 4? Well, it looks like Sony is giving you ooVoo, a fairly popular video chatting application.


According to an interview with Brian Liebler, ooVoo’s VP of Advertising Sales and Business Development, they hope to launch the application in late Q2 of this year. He told in the interview that Sony and ooVoo have been working together for the past few months on an application for the PS4. As Liebler says, this marks the company’s first jump into the living room.


While the ooVoo application on the PlayStation 4 will focus primarily on video chat between users, Liebler stated that ooVoo’s developers are thinking about adding some streaming capabilities later.” When chatting with friends with ooVoo on a PC, the application allows users to watch video together. Think of it like SharePlay in that you’re both seeing the same feed at the same time.

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