The PS4 can top the Xbox One up to 2018 according to analysts

In the Fall of 2013, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both launched. The latter one has been trumping the sales almost constantly, although the Microsoft console has taken over the lead for the last two months in 2014 only to lose it in January again. So far, 18.5 million sold PS4s and 10 million shipped (!) Xbox Ones – these are the latest data. According to Strategy Analyctics, this trend will continue…


They predict that the PS4 will outsale the Xbox One up to 40% until 2018 and in 2019, about 80 million PS4s will be out there (getting really close to the record breaking PS2), followed by the XB1’s 57 million. These seem to be serious predictions, but don’t forget that Nintendo is most likely close to announce their new console… so the party is now over, let’s just sit down and play instead…

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