Skylanders: SuperChargers – A Dark Edition will also be released

We will not be left behind without a new Skylanders game for this year too. In fact, there is going to be a „darkened version” of this, called the Dark Edition. You can already preorder this at select retailers, and this version will come with exclusive figures for the game – announced by the publisher of the franchise, Activision.


The Dark Edition will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3. In the package, you will get the Dark Spitfire and the Dark Hot Streak figurines, a two-sided collectors’ poster and the Kaos Trophy for the game, which will unlock exclusive content. Also, the PS4/PS3 versions will also have the Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf and Dark Sea Shadow figures, while the Nintendo packages will have different exclusive figures within, but these two won’t be available for them.

In case you’re waiting for Vicarious Visions’ game, you still have a lot of time left, because the release date is in the September – Europe will get this game on September 25.

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