PlayStation Plus: Price raise in Europe!

Sony has confirmed that the European region will see a price raise for the PlayStation Plus service, starting from September 1. The reasoning is quite weird in our opinion, because according to their statement, the „market conditions” is one of the reasons of raising the price, plus Sony requires a bigger infrastructure in order to serve the bigger amount of userbase as good as possible.

(So basically, they raise the price to keep up the pace with Microsoft’s Xbox Live.) But wait, if there are more users, that means there is more revenue generated, so there is some interesting logic behind this.

There’s more behind that: ONLY the one-, and three-month subscriptions are going to cost more, while the yearly subscription will not see its price raised. The raise amount is not official yet, but according to some sources, the UK price of the three month PS Plus subscription will jump from 12 to 15 British Pounds. That’s a 25% price raise, no matter how you look at it.

No word on the North-American and the Japanese region yet, we have to wait to see what Sony will do about these regions’ prices.

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