Konami – The Big Brother is indeed watching you

We’ve known for a while that Konami isn’t making the best steps in the eyes of gamers, and also the fact that there is a bit too much of security going on within the company. But now, even more details have surfaced about how the Japanese company keeps an eye on its employees.

There’s an Internal Audit Office, which is pretty much the secret police of Konami: they keep track of internal communication, the cameras and the dates when employees enter and leave. They go as far as contacting the new employers of former Konami members just to say that their new staff is awful. There’s also a Monitoring Group, which solely keep track of the CCTV cameras in the buildings and the Internal Audit Office has full access to this information.

Whoever wants to use the internet and/or take home a laptop, they have to register on the IT department and they will receive a VPN, but their monitors get constantly screenshotted in order to monitor these employees’ internet/hardware usage.

There’s also a rule about which entrances and exits can employees use, and whenever they leave, they have to show ther ID and tell the security guards (who may even be former game developers) about their destination. Whoever leaves too often during work hours (this gets tracked) get reprimanded.

Every Monday morning, the Operating Officers of Konami have meetings, which are recorded and streamed on an internal Konami website. Every employee must watch it and if they fail to do so, their name is publicly announced by Konami, shaming them in the process.

While some of these moves are something that we can somewhat agree on, Konami uses a bit too much of security nowadays, and that is serious.

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