Need For Speed: Head-to-head PS4 vs. Xbox One comparison [VIDEO]

DigitalFoundry have done it again, although this time around, they took two videos to compare Ghost GamesNeed For Speed and its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. One of them focuses on the graphical details, while the other one is your usual suspect, the framerate-test. Is there a difference between the two consoles? Of course.

First of all, the resolution is one obvious difference between Sony‘s and Microsoft‘s version, as the Xbox One runs the game on 900p, while the PS4 does the same on 1080p. The framerate is 30 frames per second on both consoles (and because of this, we have to say that while Slightly Mad pulled Project CARS off with 60 with some issues, why can’t this game do the same?), but both of them have some minor dips under 30. Although visually the game looks mostly similar, our opinion is that the PlayStation 4 version reaches the finish line in a photo finish.

The game itself has an identity crisis, because while it is meant to be a nightly car racing/tuning game, some cars almost doesn’t allow any knd of optical modifications. Make up your mind, game!

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