Final Fantasy VII remake – Without Uematsu

Final Fantasy VII was originally released in 1997 on the first PlayStation. It was a huge success, and even the – somewhat downgraded, due to technical lmitations – soundtrack was great, thanks to Nobuo Uematsu, whose other works did end up getting some amazing orchestral presentations in the process. The question is, is he going to return to work on the remake’s soundtrack?

Uematsu, who was also responsible for the music of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Front Mission (making him more versatile than just composing for Final Fantasy), gave a quite short, although effective answer: no. So he’s not doing any work for the PlayStation 4 remake of the game, which is another one into the pile of upgraded Final Fantasy re-releases handled by Square Enix. (Just think about it: X/X-2, Type-0, VII, maybe even XII soon?)

So all we can hope for is a quality rearrangement on Uematsu‘s originals, not bastardizing his work in the end. This would make the remake a decent one on at least the audio aspect, but then again, we haven’t heard the voice acting yet…

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