The tanks will soon roll on the PS4 [VIDEO]

We already wrote about how World of Tanks is going to receive a PlayStation 4 port in the future. The game calls itself the most successful tank shooter/MMO/action game, and to be fair, Wargaming – the devs of World of Tanks – isn’t exaggerating. The developers don’t have many hurdles for us to jump through.

The open beta – which will be held between December 4 and December 6 – won’t even require registration, because you can just simply download it from the PlayStation Store. If you don’t have a PS Plus membership, no worries, you can still play. Your beta results can be rolled towards the full game. In World of Tanks, you can choose one of five tank classes, and you can participate in 15v15 battles. Jungles? Cities? Several environments can have tanks shooting at each other; and then you can gain levels, improve your tanks as if it’s an MMORPG.

To celebrate the open beta launch date, PlayStation‘s YouTube channel uploaded the first developer diary for this game. You won’t need a key to making this tank going.

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