Say goodbye to Facebook on PS Vita and PSTV!

Sony pulled out a cruel move for those who use the Facebook app on PlayStation Vita (or PlayStation TV, although that is weird). On January 20, a new system software update comes for these two platforms: the 3.57 firmware drops (and for the PS3, it’s 4.78), which pulls the rug from under our legs.

So if you use Facebook on PS3/PSV/PSTV, you can say goodbye for the Facebook app as the support ends on all three platforms! We can understand dropping the support for the PS3, as it is a prev-gen console, but what’s their problem with the PS Vita? Okay, you can access the site from the browser, but Sony shouldn’t treat this handheld – which is barely four years old! – like this regarding a social network that probably a lot of PS Vita users use!

We can’t say anything that defends Sony about this subject: this was announced on the Japanese PlayStation site. Last January, they dropped the YouTube app as well. Can’t you show it a little more publicly that you don’t care about the PS Vita, Sony…? This is pathetic.

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  1. Oscar David Iglesias says:

    Sony kill’s the ps vita, simple.

  2. Miles Quatermass says:

    Probably not worth the cost of licensing the software, given how small the Vita userbase is, and how few of those users ever look at Facebook on their system.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix and Skype are next for the chop, especially given that Skype is owned by Microsoft.

    • PS4Pro says:

      Skype isn’t on PS Vita anymore since a long time ago.

      • Miles Quatermass says:

        Oh, well that makes sense. I still have it on one of my Vitas (along with YouTube) but I’ve not updated the firmware in a thousand years. 🙂

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