Assetto Corsa – Stuck at the starting line?

PREVIEW – Another challenger has appeared in the racing genre. Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games collaboration are called Assetto Corsa. While the game was released back in 2014 for the PC, now the Italian duo is working on the console port. The hierarchy that occurred, and the information that is known about Assetto Corsa for the console makes it questionable if it will be ready for the race on the 3rd of June.


Back in the previous generation, it was not really trendy to try new car simulator racing games. You had a pretty straightforward set of franchises, Gran Turismo, Race Driver: Grid,  and the Need for Speed series and that is it. Of course, we should not mix simple racing games such as (Midnight Club, DIRT, and Split Second), but I would not even categorize the F1 games into this group, as that game only focused on one championship. So we can safely say that neither of the three games were threatened by it.

Only one thing should be the primary focus for Kunos Simulazioni: they have to get the game to run on 60 frames per second.

In the current generation, however, the situation is a little bit different, and we are amazed at how many simulators have appeared. While Gran Turismo is alive and well, it still has no release date so that it might be released at the end of the year or next year. Those who want to experience something like GT, they can try out Driveclub, where we do not race around the usual tracks, it can be considered as a simulator of sorts. The other contender for the simulator first place is Project Cars, where we have the chance to race around in different sections ( go-kart, F1, LMP, etc.). Finally, we arrive at our third contender for the throne Assetto Corsa.

Merülhet fel bennünk a nagy kérdés, mivel az Assetto Corsa-ra valamelyik elmondható lesz elvileg. Hogy mivel próbál majd megfogni minket a játék?

Jump start

As we previously mentioned GT has, it’s headstart, so most of these titles start from zero. A lot can hit or miss based on the presentation especially if this is their first game on a console. Kunos Simulazioni thinks the same, and while they are not amateurs as they worked on racing games before, but only on consoles. Also, they were the ones who created real simulations for brands, and companies. They are not rookies in this genre, but it seems they might be some trouble with getting the game out to our favorite console (hope I am wrong).

Merülhet fel bennünk a nagy kérdés, mivel az Assetto Corsa-ra valamelyik elmondható lesz elvileg. Hogy mivel próbál majd megfogni minket a játék?

Amateur, or professional?

The question remains, which is Assetto Corsa. What is the game’s main hook for us? Twenty-Seven tracks, and a bit more than a hundred cars. Well, this looks like either huge self-confidence, or a really mature method, only the other companies know at this point. Kunos also made sure that the game entices players who want realism as it has a realistic physics engine and a fine tuning system. The game’s motto is „Your simulator”, means that probably most of our races will depend on our settings. We can mess around with the turbo pressure, the strength of the breaks, tyre pressure, and a lot of other things, plus also such assists as ABS, TCS and other three letter acronym systems.

Készül az, készül az, a hír alatti videón láthatjuk, hogy a PS4-es változatot mutatják úgy a videó közepétől - a framerate nem tűnik még száz százalékosnak, de mivel ez már közel fél éves felvétel, azóta nagy valószínűséggel javítottak már ezen.

Will it finish first?

Considering that Driveclub is more of a simcade (simulator-arcade mix), until GT the only real rival will be Project Cars. We can expect VR support, so the final factor to decide who is the best is the physics and customization. It looks great regarding graphics, but the audio sounds a bit lifeless when it comes to the cars. Project Cars had better audio and more varied event types. We won’t have to wait to much until release date, and until then the audio can be fixed, but the basic concept will not change. As to which place Assetto Corsa will finish, well that will be decided on the 3rd of June.


It could be good:

+ Realistic physics
+ Deep customisation system
+ Grat graphics

Could be a problem:

– Bad audio for the cars
– Customization could get too deep
– Not that many cars

Publisher: 505 Games

Developer: Kunos Simulazioni

Genre:  Car Racing, Simulator

Publication: June 3, 2016

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