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REVIEW – While it’s not available for the PS4, but besides Xbox One it’s also out on PC so let’s dive right into Quantum Break, the latest Remedy Entertainment game. The usual thing happened: the game was overhyped, and thus, it didn’t have a remarkable result in the end.


May 21, 2013. Xbox One receives an entire event for its reveal. It became memorable for all the wrong reasons – the console was mostly shown as a media entertainment device: TV, TV, TV, Sport, Sport, Sport, Sport, TV. Call of Duty Ghosts was also introduced right here with a little lie, saying that 2013’s Infinity Ward game would use a next-gen engine. (PlayStation Magazine UK’s interview revealed the truth, look it up on YouTube: “COD Ghosts is STILL using the same engine”) And of course, there was Quantum Break, too. Remedy Entertainment took a different turn after Max Payne and Alan Wake.

Despite the low resolution, the visuals are impressive, thanks to Remedy using film grain, motion blur and anti-aliasing to overcome the possible 720p resolution. Remember Alan Wake?

Time and time again

Riverport looks gorgeous. Yes, I’m saying that out front: on Xbox One, Quantum Break looks very nice, despite all the resolution and framerate mumbo-jumbo – all five chapters, or Acts, if you prefer, has decent visuals. However, graphics don’t make a game great; we learned this yet again with The Order: 1886 last year. So we get to control Jack Joyce, who ends up in a time travel experiment gone wrong – because of unfortunate events, Jack, and antagonist Paul Serene gets the skill to slow down or even stop time.

These powers will play a role in the gameplay, too. There are four live action episodes between the five Acts, and there’s none after Act 5. The double-edged sword hit back yet again: while the scenes are well done, I felt they used them way too much. Despite this opinion, the story is excellent – I do not want to spoil anything, though, you have to see this once (or twice…). You should look around for scattered items to expand on the story.

As we progress through the Acts, it doesn’t feel that much of an awful title, mind you… still, that house of cards fall apart towards the end. I don’t mean the soldiers at the end that can deny your power advantage – the challenge jumps up a decent amount there -, the issue lies elsewhere.

A PC-s verziót meg kell említenem. Ha nincsen Windows 10, akkor felejtsük el, hogy játsszunk.

The game’s le

What kind of lead is this, you might ask – it is a good question. I want to show you that the game is SHORT! Sure, you should go and replay with changing the other side with your decisions, yet that doesn’t change the quality of the gameplay, it’s average, and it doesn’t make everyone go back and start the story all over. If you do, you’ll see that wow, the TV shows something else in this cutscene! Oh yeah, those live action episodes… I think they are all at least 15 minutes long.

Puzzles don’t help to extend the game’s length, either, they get done way too quickly if you play Quantum Break the second time.

A PC-s verziót meg kell említenem. Ha nincsen Windows 10, akkor felejtsük el, hogy játsszunk.


I need to mention the PC version of the game. If you do not own Windows 10, forget Quantum Break. The port is also technically LIMITED, and I cannot believe it. But going back to the Xbox One version, it takes about 70 gigabytes, out of that, 44-45 gigs are the cutscenes. Wow. Moving on…

A PC-s verziót meg kell említenem. Ha nincsen Windows 10, akkor felejtsük el, hogy játsszunk.

Good, but not remarkable

Despite being successful – best selling Xbox One title by Microsoft Studios -, Remedy should have been doing something outstanding with Quantum Break. The story is excellent, the audio is nice, the graphics are well done, but come on… the stuff is short, replayability is low. While it’s a good idea that the story is progressing with the live action scenes, the gameplay gets lazy, and it gets back to life too late at the very end with puzzles also being easy. In the end, this is just a good game, a 7 out of 10 one at that. On PC, it only deserves a 6 for limiting it down, also congratulations for giving people pirate eyepatches for forgetting to log in to their Microsoft accounts. I wouldn’t buy this for full price. If it’s around 20-25 bucks, then yeah, go for it.



+ Good story
+ Decent cast of actors
+ Beautiful visuals (even better on PC!)


– Short
– It gets serious way too late
– Too much live action in my opinion

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Genre: Third-Person Action game

Release date: April 5, 2016

Quantum Break

Gameplay - 5.5
Graphics - 9
Story - 9
Music/Audio - 7.9
Ambiance - 5.1



This game had more potential than what it had. Keeping the exciting gameplay for the end isn't a good move.

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