Furious Battle Action And Eye-Popping Effects In the New Warcraft Trailer!

MOVIE NEWS – Warcraft will come the movie theaters on June 10, and the footage is here – fast and furious – to get fantasy fans in the whole world prepared for the massive orc/human clash of the film. We can see now the last trailer that illustrates the colossal scale of the movie. Take a look:

This new trailer, which was published on the Warcraft official Facebook page, gives us an idea of what can be seen as far as the effects go, also we can see a glimpse of furious battle scenes and some of the liaisons of the movie.

The video begins with a peaceful picture of Azeroth, which is the land of humans, but suddenly everything turns to catastrophe as we can see a village burn from above. The peace that has been the symbol of Azeroth has been broken by the conquering orc army, which is a race from another world, looking for their new home, since their own, Draenor is dying.

So, what can be expected from orcs, when a gateway called the Dark Portal opens up between the two worlds? Well, instead of sending trying to talk to the humans about living in their world, they just tear everything and try to conquer right on. Eh, so orcish! Humans don’t like that.

Giant Orc warriors are quickly opposed to human soldiers, as their civilization faces extinction while the other faces complete domination and destruction. An interesting thing that will be different about this movie from the other kind of those, that we’ll see the good and bad sides to both the orcs and the humans. It means that neither side will be all good or all evil. That’s probably meant for the fans of World of Warcraft, who are playing on both sides. Both civilizations wants to defeat the other one totally and to achieve what they want, but that doesn’t mean that either faction fights with all the right motivations.

One character in the movie says: “saving the world is not a one man job,” but he appears to have a large part in saving the said world since he’s obviously not just another badass warrior, but somebody who is magically very gifted and whose talents will be needed on the battlefield.

We can also take a good look at the half-orc warrior woman Garona Halforcen (Paula Patton), who will have to resolve herself where her loyalties lie, even when she’s clearly charmed to the human leader Sir Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), and he’s attracted to her as well.

Well, something tells me that there will be no shortage of thrills and emotional moments in Warcraft for lovers of the game and fantasy fans of all kinds.

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