With CGI, Can Actors Live Forever? [VIDEO]

The new Warcraft movie‘s technology might be setting a standard.

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) used the latest up-to-date CGI technology for Blizzard‘s movie. The technique is to scan the artists as best as possible so they can be able to act as their younger selves in the future.

ILM’s CGI is outstanding – in the Warcraft film, you can not only see how the orcs’ facial expressions are top-notch, but you can also see the amount of hair on them. Detail to the maximum – this term can be applied to the motion capture as well. Mo-cap is another significant part of the CGI: ILM took the characters’ movements, facial expressions and bodies to a digital matrix almost perfectly real.

According to ILM’s digital supervisor Nigel Sumner, in two years, we will see photorealistic humans in CGI. The technology only needs time and money, but it will become the norm shortly.

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