Battlefield 1’s Campaign: Details And Trailer [VIDEO]

DICE doesn’t want to solely concentrate on the multiplayer.

As the video shows below, DICE will hand us an anthology in Battlefield 1‘s campaign. They wrote more about it in their latest blog post. We won’t have a single hero to fight through the first world war: going from location to location, we’ll take control of somebody else. The change will be noticeable in the cutscenes too as it will cut from the first-person perspective to be „more emotionally engaging.”

In the trailer, Lawrence of Arabia shows up, and for a good reason: the developers want to include more historical characters from that timeframe. One of the missions includes taking control of a scout, the right hand of Lawrence!

DICE brought up an example of the chaos in the campaign with the Through Blood and Mud mission. We’re in a foggy forest, and we have to go ahead to clear the path up for our tank. We can steal enemy tanks or destroy them; the decision is ours.

The game will be out on October 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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