Mass Effect Andromeda – Everything We Know (So Far) [VIDEO]

Yesterday was N7 Day, and Bioware ignited its rockets as promised.

The cinematic trailer for the long awaited Mass Effect game is now available, and while it’s not gameplay, it’s still better than nothing. Fasten your seatbelts…

We wondered how Bioware would jump the gun on the events of the original trilogy – it’s official: we are six hundred years into the future, although we don’t know the events that were compared with for that six-decade jump.

Andromeda Initiative’s website also got an update (), which also mentions 2184 as the date – that year is just one before the events of Mass Effect 2. According to this webpage , three Arks (or four with Hyperion) launches out of the Milkyway Galaxy with three species in cryostasis for six hundred years. Andromeda launches in 2185, the same year as the revival of Commander Shepard happened. This plot is the way how Bioware skips the events of Mass Effect 3: whatever we did at the end of that game, it won’t have an effect on the plot of Andromeda.

We also saw the box art – for us; the default version looks better than what the Deluxe Edition (70 bucks) offers. It comes with the Pathfinder casual outfit, Scavenger armor, Pathfinder elite weapon set, Pet Pyjak (Monkey), digital soundtrack, and multiplayer deluxe launch pack ($5 value). The two preorder bonuses are the Deep Space Explorer armor and a multiplayer booster pack that provides five 50 percent experience boosters.

Previously, we mentioned the Pathfinder – this is the main character of the game, who is „an elite soldier, a scientist and a guide to finding a new home.” In the Initiative video, you can hear more about the person, as well as why you should sign up for the newsletter.

Andromeda will bring the loyalty missions back (last seen in 2, as 3 skipped them), which will help us learn about the backstories of our group’s characters. According to Mac Walters, the creative director, they act side missions – after playing through the plot, we would still have things to do, as these missions would be only optional.

There’s also a 1:18 scale remote-control Nomad ND1, which can be controlled via a mobile app. The PDP-manufactured car can be charged via USB, and it’s going to cost 200 dollars – however, you won’t get the game with it! What a low blow. There’s also a 100-dollar version with no remote controlling and still no game included, as well as a 10-dollar, 1:64 scale version, too.

A few words about the multiplayer beta. On Bioware’s website, you must fill a survey, but don’t forget to tick the Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Tech Test! Make sure you have an EA account which is tied to Origin/PSN/Xbox Live. We don’t know when this beta will happen (it should be something with four players) but make sure you select your preferred platform, too.

The game is supposed to arrive by March, but Bioware can work more on it if they want to – Electronic Arts is not rushing the developers to finish Mass Effect: Andromeda.



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