Mass Effect: Andromeda Is NOT The Start Of A New Trilogy!

Bioware might not develop another two games after Andromeda for the Mass Effect franchise.

Creative director Mac Walters told Game Informer that Ryder, the main character (who will also be a Pathfinder) will start out as an untested soldier that becomes a hero by the end of the plot. This synopsis means we can expect the typical from-zero-to-hero events.

Walters also stated that they don’t want to make us feel that it’s over after finishing Andromeda, leaving the door open for possible sequels. When asked about multiple endings, he said the following: „We want to leave the ending, and what we’re doing with it, as a surprise. This is a different type of story so that it will be something different than the trilogy. We can’t wait to hear what fans think.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda comes in March (on 21st, according to some listings) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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