Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Sales Are Lower Than Even Black Ops III’s!

This year’s Call of Duty reached lower sales than last year’s installment.

If we go by Infinite Warfare‘s results, games’ physical sales seem to slowly go out of style: in November, even if we compare the sales figures to 2015’s Black Ops III, the futuristic FPS sold 50% less. Even Cowen’s, an analyst firm’s expectations were not hit by 17%. Other sources all claim a 45-50 percent drop in physical copies’ sales, so it’s not a large difference. The reason it was expected though was that Black Ops is a widely known name unlike the new sub-series with Infinite Warfare, making Activision‘s expectations lower than before.

Digital sales might shift the balance to a somewhat greener result. Don’t forget Activision‘s move that you have to spend at least 80 bucks to get Modern Warfare Remastered, which is tied to Infinite Warfare.

Perhaps it’s about time for the franchise to take a break.

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