A New FPS Provides A Free Weekend!

Shooter fanatics can take a look at a recent first person shooter in a few days.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which launched roughly a month ago, will provide a free weekend (or… week, due to the length?) for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners. The futuristic FPS will be free to play for five days.

The free trial starts on December 15, at 10 AM PT, and it will end at the same time on December 20. There are limitations: while you can play all three game modes (campaign, Zombies, and multiplayer), the campaign offers only the first two missions, while the Zombies and multiplayer have a level 3 and 15 caps, respectively.

You’ll need roughly sixty gigabytes on your hard drive to install Infinite Warfare, which also requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription for its multiplayer modes – if you have an Xbox One, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to even download the campaign! Activision pulls this move off just after the reports of Infinite Warfare seeing a drop in physical sales… is it a coincidence?

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